Perfect Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning Checklist in Phoenix, AZ

At Special Ops Clean Team, we understand the many stressors Phoenix, AZ locals feel during move-out cleaning. Though moving is an exciting time, many aspects make the process a bit overwhelming. Once you’ve dealt with all the packing, the last thing you’ll want to do is deep clean your entire home. We get it! Hiring professional cleaners will save you a lot of time and trouble, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive moving out cleaning checklist, look no further! Special Ops Clean Team are professionals in this area and are here to give our clients the resources they need to make their next move out quick and easy!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most time-consuming spaces to pack up when moving out. Don’t dedicate additional time to this space by not having a comprehensive move out cleaning checklist on hand. The move out house cleaning professionals at Special Ops Clean Team will show you precisely what needs to be focused on once everything in your kitchen is all packed up.

Drawers & CabinetsCabinet Cleaning in Pheonix, AZ

Though this is a tedious task, it is essential to clear out all the drawers and cabinets within your kitchen space. Take out any liners and clean the insides of the drawers and cabinets with gentle cleaners like baking soda or another all-natural cleaner.


Brush off any debris and wipe down thoroughly with a stove-top-safe cleaner. Let the cleaner sit for 10 minutes before wiping down with a sponge and lukewarm water. You can typically remove any dried-up food or stains with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.


The oven is one of the harder applications within the kitchen to clean. For the best solution, mix equal parts of water and baking soda. When combined, water and baking soda will make a paste that easily sticks to the oven’s interior. Let this sit for about one hour. Once it’s time, spray a rag with a bit of vinegar and wipe away the baking soda concoction for any easy clean!


First things first, you’ll want to unplug your refrigerator before attempting any cleaning. Spray the inside with equal parts vinegar and water and let sit. If applicable, you can also remove the shelving and drawers within the fridge for a more thorough clean. Wipe away the cleaning mixture with a damp cloth and then wipe completely dry with a dry paper towel. Be sure to efficiently wipe down the exterior of the fridge as well.


Many people go to clean their freezer when moving and don’t prepare for it to be completely frosted over. Since cleaning over frost is inefficient, it is best to melt the remaining frost. To do so, you will start by placing a clean, dry rag in the freezer with a pot of boiling water on top of it. Close the door and let the pot sit inside for around 30 minutes. Once the time is up, the frost will be melted entirely, and you will be able to clean the contents of the freezer with no problem. You can use the same water and vinegar mixture used to clean the fridge. Don’t forget to wipe down the exterior!

CountersCountertop Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Use any gentle cleaner to wipe down countertops, making sure you remember to wipe under ledges and along the wall. Countertops are typically a major selling point within a home, so you want to make sure they are looking their very best for your home’s next owners.


If grime is evident, fill up your sink with hot water and vinegar, letting it sit for 10 minutes. Let this mixture drain and immediately add baking soda to the interior. Let sit for a few moments and scrub with a soft sponge and warm water. Let it sit and then turn the garbage disposal on for an extra deep clean.


Remove the glass microwave plate and wipe down with equal parts of hot water and vinegar. With the plate removed, spray down with the same mixture and take a sponge to the interior. Don’t forget to wipe down the exterior touchpad and window!

DishwasherOven Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Start by removing the bottom rack of the dishwasher and remove any visible gunk or leftover food to help improve drainage. Place the rack back in the dishwasher with a cup full of vinegar. Close the dishwasher and run a hot water cycle to remove any sort of odor and increase cleaning efficiency. For an extra clean, add baking soda after the cycle is complete and run a second hot water cycle. Additionally, remember to wipe down the outside of the machine.


Give your kitchen a good sweeping (even under and behind appliances!) and then mop with hot water. If you choose to use a cleaner for your floors, make sure it is one that is suitable for your floor type.

The Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning is way more about disinfecting than it is about appearance. Any antibacterial cleaner should do the trick, though a few cleaners may need to be incorporated to ensure an optimal clean. Cleaning your bathrooms may seem less time consuming due to less space, but it is a space that will require a bit of attention before moving out for good.


Use any cleaner that is efficient at removing bacteria and built-up grime or waste. Pour around the inside of the toilet’s rim and let it fall to the water, allowing the cleaner to sit for 30 minutes. After the cleaner has sat, use a toilet brush to scrub the interior until any residue lines are gone. Also, wipe down the lid, handle, and around the outside of the rim to make sure everything is disinfected.

Shower and Tub

Use a gentle cleaner to coat the wall surrounding your shower or bath. Use a soft sponge to scrub the area, removing any soap scum or hard water build-up. Once everything has been washed, spray off with hot water and wipe dry. Then, spray with an antibacterial and re-wipe the area down to ensure a deep clean.


Fill the sink up with hot water and vinegar and let sit for 10 minutes. Once the time is up, let drain and immediately begin scrubbing with a soft sponge to remove any soap scum or toothpaste. Wipe dry and then spray with an antibacterial to thoroughly disinfect the area. Additionally, wipe down any fixtures. If your bathroom’s fixtures have water stains, you can remove them with water and lemon juice.


Wipe down all mirrors with one-part vinegar and four-parts water, or any other type of glass cleaner. Wipe dry with a dry paper towel to minimize any streaking.


Sweep floors thoroughly to ensure no hair or other particles are remaining. Then, using an antibacterial cleaner combined with hot water, clean the floors with a rag. Let dry and go over the area again to make sure you didn’t miss a spot!

Living Spaces

Once you’ve finished move out cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms, it is best to go throughout the remainder of your living space cleaning item by item rather than room by room. Special Ops Clean Team wants to remind all the Phoenix, AZ mover-outers to remember to practice top-down cleaning. This way, you won’t have to go back and re-clean anything!

Light Fixtures, Switches, & Outlets

Start with light fixtures since they are typically the highest objects that will need to be cleaned throughout your home. Make sure before attempting to clean that all of your fixtures are turned off to avoid any potential electrocutions. Spray a microfiber cloth with a cleaner that is efficient at picking up dust and wipe down thoroughly. Make sure the cloth is damp but not dripping with cleaner. You can use this same cloth to wipe down switches and outlets.


Use a vacuum attachment to suck up any grime, dust, or build-up that has accumulated. Once all the stray particles are vacuumed up, wipe down the vent with a warm, damp microfiber cloth and dry completely with a paper towel.


Remove any window drapery or fabric, place it on a solid surface, and use an upholstery brush and vacuum attachment to remove any dust build-up.


Use an antibacterial cleaner and warm damp rag to wipe down every inch of the doors within your space. Don’t forget the doorknobs! Additionally, it is essential to make sure you use a cleaner that is appropriate for the types of doors your home has, so always read labels or reach out to professionals for assistance.

Wall Cleaning

Walk around your home and see if you can find any scuff marks or spill spots. Remove with a gentle cleaner and let dry. Once dry, cover a broom head with a damp towel and wipe down from the ceiling to the baseboard.


Remove dirt, fingerprints, and streaks from your home’s windows with one-part vinegar and four-parts water, or any other type of glass cleaner. Make sure to wipe down the sill and locks to remove any excess dust or debris.


This will be your final step to move out cleaning. You made it! This step will vary depending on the types of flooring you have throughout your house. Your best bet is to sweep everything up first, getting into those corners and behind any appliances that remain. Once your home is completely swept, you will want to begin a deep clean.

If you have hardware or tile floors, you can use a mop and hot water to give it a final clean. Make sure you understand what types of flooring you have so you can pick the appropriate cleaner if hot water isn’t enough to thoroughly clean your space.

If you have carpet throughout your home, you will want to hit any stains with some type of reliable carpet cleaner.

Save Time by Calling the Professionals!

Moving can be such a stressful time. You don’t have to make it more stressful by scrambling around to get your house clean. That’s why Special Ops Clean Team provides reliable, affordable, and comprehensive cleaning services to help give you peace of mind. The experts at our move out cleaning company can tackle even the most difficult of cleaning tasks, and we always do the job right! Whether you are looking for a reputable upholstery and carpet cleaning company or a house cleaning company that offers weekly services, Special Ops Clean Team does it all!

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