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Maybe it’s time to spread your wings and move onto something better, including your location, job, and living situation. When the time comes, you should spend your time focused on the move, not cleaning up your old place. Special Ops Clean Team of Phoenix can step in and do all that for you so one important thing on your to-do list is checked off for the big move. As a BBB-accredited business that has provided more than satisfactory cleaning services to numerous customers, we are the cleaning company you can count on to leave your place looking spotless.

Leave Your Home Perfect for the Next Person

When you first moved in, it probably looked as if no one had ever lived there. Over time, even if you’re the neatest person in the whole world, there are little signs of residency that develop. Whether it’s subtle dust on the windowsill or a small buildup of grease on your stove, Special Ops Clean Team has the trained eye to detect dirt and get rid of it. You know how wonderful it is to move into a house or apartment that is immaculate, so do the next tenant a favor and make sure they have the same experience when they move in.

Get Your Entire Deposit Back

Ensuring that your place is spotless when you move out isn’t just a courtesy you pass onto the next tenant, but it is also a measure you can take to make sure that you get your entire deposit back from your landlord. You can try and tackle cleaning the entire house or apartment by yourself, but the truth is, you don’t have the training nor the experience that professional cleaners have. Chances are, your landlord will jump at any chance to hold back a portion of your deposit, so be proactive and oversee a thorough move out house cleaning yourself. Special Ops Clean Team will go through every room of your home to make sure there’s not even one speck of dust left.

Our Move Out House Cleaning Services

We at Special Ops Clean Team are the experts when it comes to moving-out house cleaning. We’ll go through your bathrooms, kitchens, eating areas, living and sleeping areas, laundry rooms, and other rooms as well. Included with our move out house cleaning services are:

  • Wiping of lighting fixtures, vents, and fans
  • Vacuuming, mopping, and steam cleaning
  • Inside and outside window washing
  • Removing of hard water deposits
  • Cleaning and polishing furniture
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Emptying of trash
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting surfaces
  • Shining of appliances

Carefully Screened Staff

All of the cleaners that we hire for Special Ops Clean Team are carefully screened in the hiring process. We’ve never had issues with cleaners stealing or damaging property while on the job, so you can breathe easy and calm your fears about your possessions being stolen while you have unfamiliar people in your home. If you’re moving out of your home soon, let the move out home cleaning specialists give you a hand!

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